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      Alex Koll
      • Alex Koll
      • Konzept Produktion
      • Alex Koll is an economist and film producer with experience in international co-productions, financing & exploitation and in the corporate and start-up environment.

      • Alex Koll
        +664 4363347

      Alpsolut Pictures
      André Costa
      • 3D-Animationen Colour Grading Compositing Drohne Kamera Motion Graphics Post-Produktion Produktion Produktionsleitung Schnitt VFX Virtuelle-Produktion
      • ARTFABRIK is a think-and-do tank, a design studio and a production company with a strong focus on narrative media. Its team delivers innovative art and ideas by digital means, working across all media. ARTFABRIK especially focuses on the fields of conception, film making, CGI & VFX, scenography, app development, game design and augmented plus virtual reality.

      • ARTFABRIK GmbH
        Ferdinand Weyrer Straße 9/3
        6020 Innsbruck
        +43 512 214010

      Bessere Zeiten
      Bunny Beach Films
      Christian Stanzel
      CMart film design
      Ella Eis
      • Ella Eis – Mariella Eisenhauer
      • Location Scouting Produktion
      • Mariella Eisenhauer works under her stage name “Ella Eis” in the production of advertising films and photography and as an international sports model.

      • Ella Eis
        Mariella Eisenhauer
        Hallerstraße 119a
        6020 Innsbruck
        +43 69917269206

      • Bernhard Holzhammer – EUTOPIAFILM
      • Colour Grading Drehbuch Kamera Konzept Post-Produktion Produktion Regie Schnitt Service-Produktion
      • Bernhard Holzhammer’s EUTOPIAFILM produces documentaries, feature films and series with a focus on ecological and socially relevant topics.

        Claudiastraße 8
        6020 Innsbruck
        +43(0)512 938458 | +43 699 12020170

      fancy tree films
      • Johannes Aitzetmüller – fancy tree films
      • Drehbuch Drohne Kamera Konzept Post-Produktion Schnitt Service-Produktion
      • As director, DOP and producer, he sees himself as an audiovisual storyteller who knows how to deal with the difficult conditions of alpine and high alpine terrain.

        • Brandvideo Evil Eye
        • (Kamera, Postproduktion)
        • Nationalpark Hohe Tauern
        • (Konzept, Regie, Kamera, Postproduktion)
        • Footsteps – Journey of a Song
        • (Konzept, Regie, Kamera, Postproduktion)
      • fancy tree films
        Johannes Aitzetmüller
        Hallerstraße 119a
        6020 Innsbruck
        +43 680 2185964
      Grainhouse Productions
      • Simon Platzer – Grainhouse Productions
      • Colour Grading Kamera Post-Produktion Regie Schnitt
      • Simon Platzer has been working in film for many years and directing, cinematography and film editing are his main areas of expertise.

        • Ski Vacation
        • Berge miteinander erleben
        • 90 Jahre voller Leben
      • Grainhouse Productions
        Simon Platzer
        Holzgasse 18
        6020 Innsbruck
        +43 660 7735503

      Isobel Cope
      Johannes Hoffmann
      • Johannes Hoffmann
      • Drohne Kamera Konzept Regie Schnitt
      • Johannes Hoffmann is co-founder of the film production company “Whiteroom Productions” and deals with concept, production and the technical implementation of advertising campaigns and documentaries.

      • Johannes Hoffmann
        Löfflerweg 24/A14
        6020 Innsbruck
        +43 650 564 66 65

      Jungle Productions Filmservice
      • Bernhard Freinademetz – Jungle Productions Filmservice
      • Aufnahmeleitung Bergführer Location Scouting Produktion Service-Produktion
      • Bernhard Freinademetz’ agency Jungle Productions has been active in the service sector for film productions since 1996.

        • Krabat von Marco Kreuzpaintner
        • (Service Produktion, Bergführer, Location Scouting)
        • ADNOC: Energy For Life – Werbespot
        • (Service Produktion, Bergführer, Location Scouting)
      • Jungle Productions Filmservice
        Bernhard Freinademetz
        Anton Rauch Strasse 31
        6020 Innsbruck
        +43 676 4277347

      Lensecape Film Productions Club
      Lensecape Film Productions Club
      Lukas Ladner
      Manuel Zoller
      • Medienhalle
      • Produktion Service-Produktion Streaming
      • The Medienhalle is a perfect location for video and film productions, studio programmes and live broadcasts. As a full-service production facility, we can provide 450m2 of studio space and 50m2 of green screen, including the appropriate operating personnel for live production, video and audio technology, lighting equipment and reception and transmission technology.

      • Medienhalle Betriebs GmbH
        Saline 14
        Bernhard Garber
        6060 Hall in Tirol
        +43 664 627 87 73

      MOG Film
      • Martin Venier – MOG Film
      • Drehbuch Konzept Post-Produktion Produktion Regie Schnitt
      • Martin Venier realizes advertising and image films. In addition, he produced short films that were internationally perceived as art films.

        • TSOI Tiroler SymphonieOrchester Innsbruck
        • (Produktion, Konzept, Screenplay, Regie, Kamera, Drohne, Schnitt, Sound Design)
      • MOG Film GmbH
        Martin Venier
        Hallerstraße 119a
        6020 Innsbruck
        +43 681 20390879
      • Patrick Neubäck
      • Drehbuch Konzept Regie
      • The portfolio of – Patrick Neubäck includes commercials, music videos and short films. As co-director, Patrick Neubäck also already realized a feature film, further larger projects are in the works.

        Patrick Neubäck
        Kapuzinergasse 8
        6020 Innsbruck
        +43664 5279483

      Peter Mader
      • Peter Mader
      • Kamera Post-Produktion Schnitt
      • Peter Mader is a filmmaker and editor from Innsbruck. Primarily active in action sports films, he realizes advertising and image films and supervises film projects from concept to camera to editing.

      • Peter Mader
        Anton-Rauchstraße 6a
        6020 Innsbruck
        [Website im Aufbau]

      Reframe Production
      • Caroline Eiter –  Schnittraum
      • Konzept Post-Produktion Regie Schnitt
      • Schnittraum cultivates the art of cinematic storytelling and also specialises in post-production.

      • Schnittraum – Wolfgang Gollmayer
        Caroline Eiter / Editorin
Hallerstraße 119a | 6020 Innsbruck
        0043 650 479 06 78 

      Tante Tiger
      Tijl Bex Film
      Umut Güngördü
      • Umut Güngördü
      • Kamera Kamera-Assistenz Schnitt
      • Umut Güngördü works as a freelance director, cameraman and camera assistant on commercials, feature films and documentaries. One focus of his work is the documentation of events and film shoots “Behind the Scenes”.

      • Umut Güngördü
        uAcinestudio – unique Arts
        Bei der Säule 12
        6060 Hall in Tirol
        +43 676 947 57 54